The Sizzler Show Aug 6th and 7th and
 The Classic Show Aug 26, 27 & 28th has added
Green Classes to the show bill.

So check out the up dated show bills.

2016 MApHA Classic Showbill
Green Classes 7-12-16PDF.pdf 

Added Money to the Three Yr. Old Hunter Under Saddle and the Three Yr. Old Western Pleasure Classes  

If you have a three yr. old you might want to bring it to the Classic Show

Thanks to Jim Hollis and David Wagner for getting the sponsors

2016 Michigan Appaloosa Show Schedule

Big shows, lots of points, great people to show with
and MONEY to be won!

Check out our Show Incentive Classes.

This Program was a great success but could have benefited many more if they had thought about it.


The purpose of this Association shall be:
 A. To cooperate and aid, in every way possible, the programs and functions of the Appaloosa Horse Club, Incorporated;
B. To promote the interest and improvement in the breed in the State of Michigan;
C. To approve year-end awards and to regulate all Michigan Appaloosa shows and events;
D. To provide the support necessary to the youth members of the Association so as to make them
better able
to handle the responsibilities of adulthood.


Calendar of Events








    1. Aged Geldings
    2. Aged Mares
    3. Junior Hunter Under Saddle
    4. Senior Hunter Under Saddle
    5. Junior Western Pleasure
    6. Senior Western Pleasure
    7. Open Camas Prairie Stumps
    8. Open Nez Perce Stakes

Aged Mares

Jr. Hunter Under Saddle

Sr. Western Pleasure



Exhibitor and Owner of the horse must be MApHA members to be eligible for payback
Incentive Class will be run concurrently with regularly scheduled class on the showbill
No added Entry Fee to be eligible for the Incentive Money

Placings under Call Judge (Determined at the time of the class)


For More Information Contact Any MApHA Board Member


The MApHA has initiating a new incentive program we thought you would be interested in taking a look at. The association has a history and reputation for having good sized, well-run and affordable shows. We are offering this program to make it even better in 2016.

The board believes this program will increase the size of the classes and benefit exhibitors who are interesting in earning national points. Plus, exhibitors can also win cash prizes and have their national point fees paid when the rules are followed for classes included in the incentive program.

Our shows currently feature $90 blanket fees on one horse or rider and reasonable stall fees. If you are interested in taking at closer look at what the association is offering in 2016, please look at the Michigan Appaloosa Horse Association Facebook page or the website at All showbills and other information is posted and available on these sites.

Our members are excited about this incentive program and hope you are interested.


 Thank You to The Wire Horse who was a big part in our
   awards this year, and is always very supportive of this Club.


Also Visit the Western Michigan Appaloosa Regional website




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